Custom Embroidered Patch Options

When we say custom, we’re not kidding. We offer you complete control over your embroidered patches, including size, shape, colors, design, and backing type. We can customize your patches to make them perfect for your club, business or group. Our talented artists will be glad to help you craft patches that are right for you and your organization.

Embroidery Percentage

50% Coverage

75% Coverage

100% Coverage


Patch Sizing

Need to determine the size of your patch? It's simple! Measure the length and width of your patch, add them together and divide that number by 2.

If the length of your patch is 6 inches and the width of your patch is 4 inches, here is what you do:

- First, add 6+4, which equals 10.
- Then, divide 10 by 2, which equals 5.
- 5 inches is the size of your patch.

We are aware patches come in all shapes and sizes. If you're not sure what size patch you would like, let us help! We can provide any size you may need.


Patch Backing Options

We offer a choice of traditional sew-on backing, iron-on, button loops or Velcro. Each backing type has its advantages for specific uses. Our experienced staff can help you decide which type is best for your particular application.

Tape Backing

Easily removable, versatile, and less permanent than other backings, tape backing is great for when you need a quick option for a costume or outfit.

Iron On Backing

Allowing for quick and easy attachment, all you need is an iron. Simply place the patch on the garment, cover it with a thin, damp towel to prevent burning, then hold the iron over the patch for 20-30 seconds until fully secured.

Velcro Backing

Velcro backing allows you to quickly and easily remove your patch from a garment. Velcro is great for when you have multiple patches or need to be able to remove the patch often.

Plastic Backing

A rigid plastic backing is added to your patches. This gives your patches extra support, meaning they will maintain their shape, even after constant use. This can be used in conjunction with iron-on backing.


Patch Borders

Hot Cut Edge

Instead of the standard rounded edges, hot cut patches have sharp, detailed edges. Great for patches with fine levels of detail and intricate designs that really stand out!

Merrow® Border

Merrow® sometimes called merrowed borders are the standard in the industry and are considered a classic look. For a simple, yet elegant design on your patches, Merrow® borders are the ideal choice.


Other Patch Options

Metallic Thread

Great for flashy, eye-catching designs, metallic threads really help your patches stand out in a crowd. Best used sparingly, metallic threads are available in multiple colors.

Additional Thread Colors

All orders include up to seven thread colors, free of charge. Want to include more than seven colors? No problem! We have hundreds of thread colors to choose from, meaning your patches come out looking exactly like what you had in mind.

Button Loop

Button loops are great for patches that are designed to hang from a lapel pin or button. No sewing or gluing is involved, all you need is something to hang your patches from!